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Responsive Web Design - a nifty new website on its way for Thomas Diary.


Michael Fanger, the cool, peripatetic President of Eastern Funding with his Shark Tee in Greece.


Props to Michael Fanger for showing us his cool Shark Tee while traveling through Greece. Michael is one of the great commercial bankers and the "go-to" financial partner for much of the laundry business, specialty vehicle, dry cleaning and Deli's, and all kinds of small businesses across the country. Based in NYC, Eastern Funding  continues to successfully hit new milestones with expansion into new markets it serves, the addition of new staff and a new National Sales Manager, and recently surpassing $1Billion in financing over its history.


Quick Props to Actor Ben Jacobs for Co-guest starring in The Killing on Netflix. 

Ben Jacobs, gets a first booking in Vancouver, BC on the wildly popular show, The Killing. Ben  is managed by the Kirk Talent Agency, studies with the well-known acting coach, Deb Podowski and Mel Tuck, and is awaiting script approval ifor an upcoming independant film to be shot in Canada and China. 


Vermont food branding and package design - Shark shifts Grade B from commodity to premium.

Dark, rich, and sweet, Grade B maple syrup almost goes unnoticed compared to Vermont's marketing of the lighter Grade A. So, we created our own brand, Robusto which is getting ready to launch in the fall of 2014.


Some new bank advertising for Brookline Bank marketing - time to hug your dog.

A new, late summer and early fall bank ad for Boston-based, Brookline Bank, is taking shape and destined for both tradtional and digital media. You can also see Shark's dogs here.